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Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Looking for nanny / baby sitter
« Last post by Larfalot on Yesterday at 11:45:03 PM »
Sorry, no-one I know was interested because its a young baby and they are hard work.  I think the advice given above is best - its best to seek out an official Nanny, one with training and passion for the role.  Good luck.
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Looking for nanny / baby sitter
« Last post by Larfalot on Yesterday at 12:01:38 AM »
I will ask some friends if they are interested.
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Looking for nanny / baby sitter
« Last post by levissima on September 20, 2018, 05:17:07 PM »
tartufa is right, a lot of us are retired, so not looking for work.

If you were to approach an agency in the UK I think they’d be looking for a live in situation.

Anyway, I’ll put the word about and I hope you find someone.
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Looking for nanny / baby sitter
« Last post by Tartufa on September 20, 2018, 05:10:21 PM »
Ciao Sara.  Another Italian lady asked the same thing not that long ago. The reality is that most anglophones who live in this area don't come to work.  Mostly they are second home owners or retired people. It's possible that you might get a reply here, but I doubt it. You will more likely get a response going via a recognised agency in the UK. There are many online. I might be proved wrong. PS Complimenti per la tua padronanza d'Inglese!
Hello, I'm ..... / Looking for nanny / baby sitter
« Last post by SaraMartignetti on September 20, 2018, 01:17:58 PM »
Dear All,
I'm a 30 year old Italian woman living in Città Sant'Angelo Marina close to the entrance of the highway Pescara Nord. My name is Sara.
I’m looking for a native English speaking nanny/baby sitter who can take care of my daughter from March the 1st2019.
My daughter will be born on November so in March she will be a 3 month years old.
I need your service every day from Monday to Friday. It would be great to have also your availability on some Saturdays. The monthly salary needs to be discussed but as well as the salary all meals and all the activities/travel we will do together will be at my expense. This is not a live in situation.
I’m talking about a long term job. I will also need you to travel with me and my daughter sometimes so it is important that we have a good relationship too.
The Baby Sitter will have to:
Look after the baby during the day
Change diapers
Play with the baby and keep company
Speak only in English
I live in a large villa with an indoor swimming pool so you can enjoy the pool together with my daughter. I have a big garden where you two can take walks (with the pushchair of course) and I have a cinema in my house.
I would be glad to show you my world if you want to visit me. Then we can talk about it further.
If you are interested in the job please do not hesitate to contact me at: +393494982173
I’m looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Sara Martignetti
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Hello from Furci (CH)
« Last post by Larfalot on September 19, 2018, 11:08:51 PM »
All sounds fantastic. 
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Hello from Furci (CH)
« Last post by Casalavanda on September 19, 2018, 06:20:59 PM »
Brave or crazy! Some of my friends and family thought the latter 😂  The self sustaining part wasn't in the original plan but when we discovered Enel would charge €500 just to connect our electric supply and it was the same to set up a VERY basic solar system we opted for solar and it progressed from there ☺

The drive each way takes 2-3 days depending on how many stops for collections/deliveries.  Plus my husband being under strict orders to stop and get some sleep on the way ☺
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Looking for a long term rental
« Last post by the wrong side of the valley on September 18, 2018, 06:20:09 PM »
It is nice to be remembered, for whatever reason!
The name came out of desperation and lack of imagination in choosing a name.  At the time many of the Brits that we knew then were somewhere over the other side of the valley and beyond, so we seemed to be on the 'wrong' side.  We love our location completely and wouldn't change it for anything.

It would be difficult to find a house in Abruzzo without views that many would give their right arm for in the UK, Abruzzo is so blessed with sea, mountains, hills, olive trees, vineyards, hilltop villages, the list is endless.

We are still in love with the region since our first visit in 2005.
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Looking for a long term rental
« Last post by GeordieBorn on September 18, 2018, 12:40:42 PM »
I also totally agree on looking at all aspects of the house. We are very lucky (or the original Italian building the house was very, very good) as the sun comes up at one end of the house and moves around the full length on that side. Sun set is on the other side, so in the morning in the intense part of summer the shutters are down on one side, but the other side open. It means we are not totally in the dark at any time of the day. Since being here a while we have also noticed how some houses down in the valley lose the sun so early on in the day. I suspect “wrong side of the valley” is something we’ve realised is not what you want and thankfully we don’t have. Hopefully our “wrong side of the valley” has that user name for some different reason.
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: Hello from Furci (CH)
« Last post by Larfalot on September 18, 2018, 12:20:24 PM »
Wow with a two week old that is seriously brave and equally can see how much you must love it in Abruzzo.

I love how you are living self sustaining.

How long does the truck trip take from UK to Abruzzo (and vice versa)?
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