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TV / Re: TV licence
« Last post by PJM on February 03, 2018, 08:24:04 PM »
Thank you for your replies, no payment added to my enel bill this year and now to complicate it all I have got my residency last November (a very easy process) Pamela 
TV / Re: Possibly more UK TV coming soon
« Last post by Relaxed on January 26, 2018, 09:04:11 PM »
This is very interesting; a 'non geoblocking' agreement makes sense for much of the content currently transmitted in a 'country specific' manner.
It's fair enough, and I don't resent it at all, if some broadcaster has 'bought' the rights to some cricket or football series, or if some copyright holding songwriter or artist limits their output for royalty reasons - but to geoblock C4News, or BBCNewsnight, or Bargain Hunt (!) is pretty silly IMO.
Downside - it's probably an EU initiative, so IF Brexit happens us fans of (obscure) UK stuff won't benefit!
I really should now read the link...and maybe I'll not need to piggyback on a friend's FilmOn subscription.
TV / Possibly more UK TV coming soon
« Last post by GeordieBorn on January 25, 2018, 02:35:26 PM »
 This BBC link may be of interest to those of you that like to watch UK TV in Italy. The bit that caught my eye was where it says:-
A new USB stick will allow customers to watch Now TV content on any television - including EU countries when an expected change to "geoblocking" rules comes into effect this summer.
Not too sure how far this is going to start with, but it may mean you can watch at least some of the services you pay for in the UK or the other way around paid in Italy that can be watched in the UK. Unfortunately for now it seems the BBC does not have to comply, but it can if it wants!
TV / Re: Chromecast and BBC iplayer
« Last post by GeordieBorn on January 13, 2018, 12:20:25 PM »
On this subject does anyone know how to play  netflix movies without the audio being out of sync.

chromecast is fine for other things.

A bit late perhaps, but if you have a pc, then log in to Neflix using google chrome. Before playing, click settings (3 dots top right) , select "Cast...", where it says (cast to) click the arrow down to select "desk top". Obviously your chromecast needs to be switched on, but basically then anything you play on your pc e.g. Netflix will be on your chromecast/tv with sound of course :)
TV / Re: TV licence
« Last post by Sunshine on January 12, 2018, 01:22:38 AM »
Were non residents and weve not had it added to ours either (hope im not tempting fate!)
TV / Re: TV licence
« Last post by Cassius on January 10, 2018, 04:46:25 PM »
We're non resident and it was definitely not added to our bills......
TV / Re: TV licence
« Last post by levissima on January 10, 2018, 02:54:15 PM »
As far as Im aware, non residents pay a different tariff and dont have the tv license included on their bills. Residents, on the other hand must make a declaration that they have no TV in order to have license fee deduction removed from their electric bills.
I am also led to believe that this declaration must be made on an annual basis, in December, in order to be excluded for the next year.

I think that when it was first introduced the differentiation between resident and not resident was not made and for a while everyone was billed.
TV / Re: TV licence
« Last post by GeordieBorn on January 09, 2018, 08:33:02 PM »
Last year my TV licence was included in my ENEL bill ..this year nothing has been added to the ENEL bill. Any help welcome on this topic. Thank you Pamela
Okay, I came across this post from Pamela via the post from Levi on closing down this forum. I was looking to see if we had anything on get_iplayer, but that is now another job/post.
So I wonder why no one answered this one (me included) as surely one of the many members must be in the same boat? On that, I can this time say "not us gov" as we are still paying. If I had to hazard a guess I would say I'd seen the answer recently (here or elsewhere) that people with none resident accounts were no longer being deducted for the licence?? Anyone else in this situation?
Would be nice if we could help Pamela.
Electric / Re: Enel - compensation for power outage
« Last post by La Vigna on December 20, 2017, 12:52:55 AM »
All different experiences for us, we got a large refund on electricity bill re loss of power in January without applying and got a refund of tv licence without applying. Very happy though.
Electric / Re: Enel - compensation for power outage
« Last post by GeordieBorn on December 19, 2017, 10:49:36 AM »
On the subject of needing a card to pay a bill I tried to pay a water bill in the Tabachi but was told I could not because I did not have an official Codice Fiscale photo-card! Nor could I get a new postepay card for the same reason >:( >:( >:(

I eventually got my tv licence fee repaid after several forms sent to tax office in Turin and now it is not on my enel bill -phew

If anyone can tell me how to get one of these cf photo-cards I would be grateful! I have a cf number but just need the card.

Good to hear you got your TV licence sorted, but you will have to do it again for next year... :(
For your CF card you need to go to the local AdE office - see their link here . You say you have a number, but was this on a officially issued document with a Consulate stamp? Don't know about the ENEL bill payment, but the Post Office should accept this document as last we were told is you don't have to have a plastic card if you have a certified paper document from the Consulate - just showing a number won't do. It's rare now for our Post Office to ask us for our CF (paper), but then again they know us!
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