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Abruzzo in pictures / If you catch my drift
« Last post by the wrong side of the valley on Today at 11:00:14 AM »
Thought I would start off a collection of pictures of the 'February 2018 event' ( if only to ensure that it materialises to nothing eventful)

Post a glorious snowy picture from where you are showing off the tonnage of white stuff and give approximate location(nearest town in Italy,England or which Alp you are stuck half way up)

This is Arsita today, cheated with the webcam I know.
WrongSOTV says that "they didn't expect a lot of snow last year either".... that isn't my memory; I thought we were all thoroughly warned about serious amounts of snow for a good week or two before it arrived exactly as predicted.

I recall our Italian neighbour saying that it would snow,but not too much ... this might have been directed more towards the kids so they didn't get too excited though.  Not quoted from a professional service.
We got the xxxx out of there on the first day that snow fell, a day earlier than planned.  We were very lucky to leave and not be stuck with very low supplies.

Time to check that generator!
General Discussion / Re: iam back
« Last post by dolcevita on Today at 09:52:21 AM »
Really pleased to hear you are back with us you have given me some great advice and I had begun to wonder if you had gone back to Blighty!

Hope your recovery continues well.
Page 6 on the archeo information page states the below:

 Foreign citizens with regular stay permit and their regularly staying dependent family mem- bers are entitled to the same treatment, rights and responsibilities as Italian citizens with refe- rence to contributory burden and the health ca- re provided in Italy by the National Health Ser- vice (SSN). This right has the same validity in time of the stay permit. In order to obtain health as- sistance, registration with the SSN is required. Registration can be either mandatory or vo- luntary.
Mandatory registration
Foreign citizens who meet the requirements provided by law are beneficiaries of mandatory health insurance, namely they have the right to register with the Natio- 5 nal Health Service.
Mandatory registration or by-right registration is guaranteed to citizens sta-
ying for work, family, international protection, citizenship wait, fostering or adop-
tion. In particular, the reasons to stay that qualify for mandatory registration with
the SSN are:
The Italian Law recognises the right to health as a fundamental human right. Regularly staying foreign citizens are fully entitled to the same treatment and civil rights as Italian citizens. People registered with the National Health Service are guaranteed full assistance under the same conditions of Italian citizens.
Self-employment and employment (also seasonal) or registration with the employment office
Awaiting employment
Political asylum
Humanitarian asylum, including:
Stay permit for social protection
Under-18 minors
Extraordinary reception measures for exceptional events
Stay permit for international or subsidiary protection
Adoption wait (no stay permit is issued
Thanks VV.
Await Chieti confirmation....which is likely to differ to Pescara? Or will it be Abruzzo wide?
Reading around this, if I register for work or do indeed do some work and pay a contribution from my salary then I am automatically in and eligible to use the SSN here?
Any one know the answers on these here?
We are aiming to get our contact to put the correct information in writing, as soon as he does I will post it on here.
Good timing on this as we are going to be writing up about this. Our first meeting with the head of Asl for the Chieti region was a quick one but informative. We are going to confirm a few things but we have been told and since used this system that if you are a UK citizen (may change after Brexit) and have earnings of up to E20,000 you pay 3%, if you earn over that then you pay 7% of the part over this sum. If you have no income you pay a very small amount and in some cases free. If you work here then it is free as you go into the system.

These rates are for people who do not claim a UK state pension, if you do then you can get an S1 form from the UK and healthcare is then free.

We need to meet again to clarify a few things but this was what we were told.

I understand people outside of the Eurozone pay a higher percentage.
Thanks for that info. As I understand it we in UK are still part of European Union ( at the moment). Unsure how they can impose this with reciprocal agreement between European countries still in place.
After 5 yrs of residency will this still remain in place?
The 7.5 rate has, as far back as I can find, been the official voluntary participation rate. (For Americans at least) The application various from region to region and province to province. I have friends in Umbria who report that they have decided on 7.5% of US social security income, presumably because this is an easily verified figure that does not require them to collect extra paperwork.
Doctors, dentists, hospitals / New voluntary contribution rates for health care
« Last post by Wheppy on Yesterday at 10:09:12 AM »
Morning all. We went to the ASL for Pescara yesterday to pay our annual SSN contribution. We were informed that the rate (387 euros) per year has been scrapped unless your income from UK is less than 5,164.57 euros. If your income is up to 20,658.28 euros you now have to pay a percentage at 7.5%. So the rise is up to 1,549.37 euros. Quite a rise.
Thoughts please. Our ASL man said this is in Abruzzo region, so unsure if it is rolled out through Italy.
Is private insurance likely to work out better?
If you are employed here, not in the black, and your Italian employer registers you for tax and insurance purposes, could you then access the SSN system without paying such a high sum.
May have to start thinking about working again.
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