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Hello, I'm ..... / Re: A rustic to make a nono proud!
« Last post by levissima on Today at 12:22:26 PM »
When you find somewhere suitable, make sure you go to the comune and check everything out first. Ie, is it habitable? Is it properly registered? Do the people selling it have the right to do so? Not only will this give you a clear idea of what your buying but also give you a chance to assess how efficient, competent your chosen comune is - some are better than others.

Good luck
Hello, I'm ..... / Re: A rustic to make a nono proud!
« Last post by Berris on Today at 10:18:49 AM »
Hi Venatore!

Thanks so much for this. It warms my heart to know that i'm not howling at the moon. There's so much wild variation in the houses advertised, the prices being asked and the advice being given out. Sometimes i wonder whether my dream might even be possible. But now i feel much reassured to hear that it certainly is. Thanks for the advice about access. Is yours the classic one room warehouse? Or the house overhanging the hill with the animal store underneath? How much land did you get? Any other things you 'wish you'd know at the start' or 'if there was just one thing i'd do differently' to pass on?

Hello, I'm ..... / Re: A rustic to make a nono proud!
« Last post by Venatore on Yesterday at 10:00:24 PM »
Hi Berris and welcome to the Forum.

I bought my place about 5 years ago and it almost perfectly fits your description.
It was re modelled in the late 90s and then stood empty for 10 years before I bought it. It Came with a small patch of land with olive and fruit trees, has fantastic views but is near enough good roads so you donít get trapped when the snow comes. It was just  less than your budget even after we re tiled the roof and put central heating in.
The asking price was just under twice what we paid but the owners lived in America and I doubt they had any intention of returning so we made a cheeky offer. Such properties do come up so let the internet be you friend and search the local immobilare and remember, if you hope to use it regularly, itís a lot more rewarding if itís easy to get to.
Hello, I'm ..... / A rustic to make a nono proud!
« Last post by Berris on Yesterday at 08:27:10 PM »
Hi, ciao, thanks for the add. Looking for a rustic/casale/shed with some land in Abruzzo or Molise. Ideally we'd like a shed that was renovated in the 90s, with views, olive trees, and seclusion but not complete isolation. Our budget is 35,000 euros (final price). Any tips or advice gladly taken!

Cheers, berris
Recommendations / Re: B&B San Buono area
« Last post by Vignaverde on January 15, 2019, 11:55:54 AM »
Thankyou for the input everyone  :)
General Discussion / Re: Ryanair - Flowers
« Last post by the wrong side of the valley on January 15, 2019, 09:56:02 AM »
My thoughts do not represent those of Ryanair, but if you don't give it water to ensure it doesn't contain any liquid (I have even had linseed oil putty taken from me) and check that it fits the carry-on baggage size restrictions, then your main concern would be the other cases getting jammed along and on top of it in the overhead luggage.
For the price of an extra one way ticket, could you put it on the seat next to you as well as have a two carry on bags?  Just a thought before they change the rules to ensure that tickets are accompanied by passengers that must buy refreshments ...
General Discussion / Re: Ryanair - Flowers
« Last post by nil satis on January 15, 2019, 09:36:50 AM »
Thank you, I just did this and Ryanair have no restrictions on flowers but said to check with airport security
General Discussion / Re: Ryanair - Flowers
« Last post by Relaxed on January 15, 2019, 01:52:46 AM »
If I were you I would ask Ryanair this question - as I recall they have an online 'chat' available on their site, and they should be able to answer you instantly. Probably you would want to carry the wreath as hand luggage (or pack it very carefully).
Recommendations / Re: B&B San Buono area
« Last post by GeordieBorn on January 14, 2019, 11:27:18 PM »
I did not respond as I assumed VV wanted personal recommendations, but a number of agents e.g. have a filter for "pet friendly/allowed" and there are such places according to their sites.
General Discussion / Ryanair - Flowers
« Last post by nil satis on January 14, 2019, 10:15:25 PM »
Does anybody have any experience or knowledge if its ok to bring flowers in a wreath on a Ryanair flight

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