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Water / Re: Reconnecting water
« Last post by rocco on November 06, 2018, 09:50:29 PM »
thank you!
We're near a small village called Roccaspinalveti, about an hour inland from Vasto.
I'll enquire with the agent about the possibility of turning it off at the stopcock, that's a great idea.Hopefully they will do that for me,
Water / Re: Reconnecting water
« Last post by Venatore on November 05, 2018, 11:19:26 PM »
Welcome to the forum.
Rather like in the UK there should be a stopcock outside the house or possibly in the cantina if you have one. It would then be possible to have the water supply reconnected to the property but with the stopcock turned off in case of leaks. Your agent should be familiar enough with the house to know where the stopcock is and should hopefully be obliging enough to check.
My property was empty for 10 years and we had to go through the exact same process, and our insurance stipulates that we have to turn the supply off if the house is empty for more than 30 days so we have become dab hands at flicking it on and off as necessary.
What area are you in?
Water / Re: Reconnecting water
« Last post by levissima on November 05, 2018, 09:59:58 PM »
Personally, I wouldnt risk them remembering. Id wait until spring and ask your agent to organise it then, probably best to give about a months notice before you come out. Mind you, in some cases, if you ask now, youll be lucky if its connected by Easter next year!

Do you know who is your water supplier? Round my area its either ACA or Ruzzo Reti, the later being the more efficient, in my experience.
Water / Reconnecting water
« Last post by rocco on November 05, 2018, 09:23:48 PM »
I'm hoping someone can advise.
I have bought a house in Abruzzo, it hasn't been lived in for a while and the water is not connected. My estate agent will deal with reconnecting the water if I want them too.
Problem is I'm not able to visit the house until Easter now- if the water is reconnected now I will have no idea if it's leaking  out anywhere, if a taps been left on,etc. but I do want water back on when I arrive at Easter.
Is it possible to 'book' the reconnection for a future date?
Telephone / Re: Unwanted 'services a pagamento'
« Last post by Article on October 14, 2018, 09:45:58 PM »
Yeah, wind will do that.
Telephone / Unwanted 'services a pagamento'
« Last post by Relaxed on October 14, 2018, 01:08:08 PM »
I discovered that two 'services' which I had not authorised were draining my Vodafone credit.
Some outfit calling itself Mobbyworld (which appeared on the 'bill' as "Funworld") and something else called Polygon had drained more than 20  Euros from my credit in six days.
I had a look on Google, and on Twitter, and found mentions of this Mobbyworld scam - but the mentions were more than a year old.
Anyway, I got onto Vodafone, and they re-credited my account (effectively they returned the money) without question, and they permanently blocked my number from any servizi a pagamento.
It might be worth having a look regularly to see if your account is suffering from these scams, and also asking your provider to permanently block any such services.
I have no idea how they gained access to my number - it started on the day on which I had (probably for the first time ever) texted and also What's Apped an American number (of a perfectly innocent American visitor). That may be coincidence, but I certainly didn't do any clicking on any game site or the like.
My supplier is Vodafone, but the complaints on the web from a year ago also mentioned Wind.
Telephone / Re: Iliad mobile deal
« Last post by GeordieBorn on October 10, 2018, 10:04:05 PM »
I never trust these mobile people with their coverage maps, but yes they are claiming to cover most of Italy. Reading up on the net on them they are apparently know for doing this type of thing and caused havoc in France for the other mobile operators. Already in Italy others like TIM and Voda have reduced charges.
Telephone / Re: Iliad mobile deal
« Last post by rometony on October 10, 2018, 09:54:54 PM »
Looks like a good deal
However when I input my address the coverage map just shows the whole of Italy in red.
Do they have complete coverage for Abruzzo?
Telephone / Iliad mobile deal
« Last post by GeordieBorn on October 10, 2018, 06:48:52 PM »
Just spotted this on another forum and if you can believe their coverage information, it is very good here in Abruzzo. The deal here on their site looks very good indeed with unlimited call and SMS and a whopping 50Gb of data/month. You can check their coverage here.
Telephone / Vodafone international
« Last post by levissima on September 26, 2018, 07:06:26 PM »
I had a Vodafone package that gave me unlimited calls in Italy, 30 0minutes to uk landlines and 1 G data for 10 calls 5 data.

A couple of months ago they changed it to unlimited international calls and put the tariff up from 10 to 10.99.  Of course you can only put 10 and 5 credit on the phone, so instead of putting 15 a month for calls and data, I had to,put 20.

Ok, so now they know youre putting 20 credit on your phone, theyve, sneakily, put the calls charge up to 12.98 a total of 17.98.

Im not prepared to pay that because Ive never yet used the full 300 minutes on the original package!!

Well, Ive had a shout and at first they said sorry the price has gone up and we did text you. I never read the texts because they send me dozens a month. Basically tough luck!  Until I said ok tomorrow Im changing to TIM. Suddenly they remembered another package, called Vodafone Global. This gives unlimited calls in Italy, 300 minutes international landline calls and 8gb of data. Its 20 to activate and for the first month then just 10 thereafter.

So to anyone else mucked about by Vodafone, dont accept it!
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