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Thank you Dorothy - I will have a look at it .
this is one of my favorite sites and it allows private real estate postings...
Hi Kev, if you PM me I can tell you who we used, as they were very good. Good Luck.
Levi it is not something I want to do at all.... Just life happening and destroying dreams.  But thank you 
Iím very sad to hear youíre thinking of selling and hope you still keep a foothold here in Abruzzo.

Many Italian agents now market on Rightmove and with your marketing and photography skills Iím sure you could put together a good ad. Thereís always SUBITO.IT as well.

Best of luck I hope all turns out well in the end.
General Discussion / Appreciate your help
« Last post by popinjaykev on August 04, 2018, 10:18:29 PM »
Thank you so much Geordie Born I will have a read later ...Yes hundreds of photos from start to finish and also videos . Have downloaded new video software but it is so complex that I have at least 10 how to use videos to go through LOL I am getting old ....

This guy here outlines what is involved selling or this PDF from FIAIP might be of general use.
Hope you have not lost lots of valuable video Kev, Im sure if you have the files some other software will let you edit it.
General Discussion / Well I had never imagined I would ever be in this situation
« Last post by popinjaykev on August 04, 2018, 08:49:46 PM »
Hi Geordie Born, I suppose because I had so many plans ...I had never considered what I would have to do ...I have seen how Italian estate agents in this area operate ( I mean in the Teramo region) and I was wondering how many people on the forum had tried to market their own homes? And if so what was involved and how did they find it?

I created a video of sorts last year when I had time on my hands but I had to re-format my PC and lost all my software... of course they no longer make the video software so I cannot update the video... Life never goes to plan Lol and this house is far to big just for me.

Who knows I could still end up back here in something smaller  but who knows...
Always sad to hear of someone selling Kev and more so when they love the place so much. What kind of information are you after?
General Discussion / Re: Local removals
« Last post by Tony on August 04, 2018, 02:12:42 PM »
I have a van and maybe able to help.

I do not operate a removals business. I just have the van for my own general use, but happy to help out occasionally with local removals/collections in radius of say 35mins travel time from Bisenti. I also make one or two trips to the Uk per year and one trip to southern Spain each year.

Hope this is helpful.
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