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Nature. Flora and fauna / Re: Fireflies spotted...
« Last post by Brush Strokes on Today at 06:23:51 PM »
At last!

I've spotted my first firefly of 2018. Just one mind you. As I mentioned before, I always associate seeing them in my area with cantine aperte and that is happening this weekend, so pretty close.  :)
There is either Vignaverde, on this forum or Gianmarco Poli at Abruzzo Houses, both in the Casoli area who maybe able to help?

Good luck
Hi.  I urgently need to get a valuation on my house near Casoli, in order to support a court case.  Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can help?  The valuation must be completed and with me by 15th June at the latest.  Many thanks.  Sam
Information about the forum / Re: GDPR
« Last post by levissima on Yesterday at 05:56:18 PM »
Interestingly, Iím getting emails from sites Iíve never subscribed to and who have obviously got my email address as a third party, so at least I know about it now and can bin them. I suspect some are fishing for people who wonít realise and will now give permission to be contacted.
General Discussion / Re: to buy
« Last post by Tartufa on Yesterday at 05:32:27 PM »
Have you looked on
Information about the forum / Re: GDPR
« Last post by Tartufa on Yesterday at 05:31:39 PM »
We also reviewed our privacy policy and decided that we didn't need to do anything except to say 'We have reviewed our privacy policy...' etc.  A lot of people / organisations etc have over reacted with this. It's a good idea of course but doesn't necessarily apply to everyone or everything. If you want to unsubscribe from a whole load of unwanted lists all in one go then then try 
Information about the forum / Re: GDPR
« Last post by Lui on Yesterday at 05:24:18 PM »
This GDPR thing is a godsend for lazy sods such as myself who can't be bothered to go through the rigmarole of unsubscribing to email lists. When the "Action Required GDPR" emails arrive from some company or group I used maybe once ten years ago I simply hit the delete button. I anticipate a lot less spam in the future  ;D
Information about the forum / Re: GDPR
« Last post by Cesare Rinato on Yesterday at 05:08:39 PM »
Oh good. Does that mean I won't get yet another e-mail headed "We've changed our Privacy policy" Click here for details or here to confirm that you still want to receive yet more fascinating information about us and our products

Thanks Levi and The Kid.
Extreme weather warnings / Re: May's weather effort
« Last post by Cassius on Yesterday at 03:05:36 PM »
My grandparents in law's tv aerial was hit by lightening which shorted their TV and that was in Pinner!
General Discussion / to buy
« Last post by Jackie V on Yesterday at 01:18:59 AM »
Hi All
I am looking for a petrol motorised mower, secondhand but in good condition and reliable. I live in Poggiofiorito so around 30/40 kilometres away is travel-able. Thanks in advance
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