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Abruzzo in pictures / The Gran Sasso this morning at 6.15am
« Last post by popinjaykev on Today at 08:51:48 AM »
The light was awesome this morning and ......If you look carefully you can see a rainbow
Layout!  Yes!  First mistake I think is not including proper floorpans.  And I don't mean the official ones produced by a geometra. Floorplans which show the layout of rooms and their relative sizes etc. Especially for Italian houses which may have been butchered and mucked about with once or twice. If you are marketing your sale yourself then I think you might be forgiven for not realising this but even the agents don't see to get it.  I will attach our floor plans here so you can see what I mean. By the way we had two contacts immediately after posting the video yesterday (not from here though...) and one has booked a viewing. So it was definitely worth the effort. 
Glad you saw something. I went to a festa and forgot all about it until I got home then sat out for 30 minutes but saw nothing except for beautiful star studded sky.
Excellent video and great idea, sometimes it’s difficult to work out the layout of Italian homes because they are less “standard” than many in the uk.

I love the music too😉 Thanks for sharing a good idea.
I'm bumping this one up as we have some new members but also because I thought it might be useful for other sellers. Most of the sites offer an option to upload a video or insert a link to Youtube or Vimeo so it make sense to offer a virtual tour if you can. Here is ours:

We did it on an iPhone and then added some jolly Italian themed music and a title. Took some time and more than a little patience, then you need a YouTube and / or Vimeo account (not complicated) and a bit more patience.  Not too tricky really.

Flights / Re: Ryanair delays
« Last post by Andy n Kate on August 12, 2018, 02:16:45 PM »
Hello all.
Just getting to know this forum. We have a holiday apartment near Colonella, but hope to use it more as we approach retirement.
I am please to see Easyjet dipping their toes into the Gatwick Ancona route which is ideal for us as we have to travel from Jersey initially. Just an 8-10 week trial at first but hopefully a fuller timetable next year.

I may need some help on how to get UK TV via satellite dish in the future.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

Perseid meteor shower tonight
Thanks, it made me more determined (and stay up later), spotted 4 last night and one went right across the sky!
Well the peak is around now every year, but you see many 1-2 weeks before and after. Disappointed we have not seen too many this year. We spotted 3-4 one day last week and despite looking out most nights we’ve only seen one more. Last night was superbly clear and I expected to see at least a couple – 1! Still they are great to spot, so will look out during the festa  and afterwards (vino consumption allowing) :-[
Perseid meteor shower tonight
At least the temperature dropped for a bit and I won’t hsve to water the plants this evening 🙃
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