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Author Topic: Unpaid bill to TI  (Read 2060 times)

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Unpaid bill to TI
« on: May 24, 2015, 08:39:17 PM »
Hello All

We have had a land line from Alice (Telecom Italia) for 7 years, includes broadband. Pay well over the odds but the connection has been fine (mostly) and we couldn't be bothered changing matters.

we came over in late April to find the phone line works but no broadband. We assumed we were doing something wrong with our equipment for a day or so, and Karen, who is quite technical was dumbfounded.

We called in at the TIM shop in the Iper Mall, where the assistant kindly phone TI and talked through the issue and in pigeon English said they had reset the line, and to let him know the next day if it was still not right.

Whilst in the shop we saw the Pocket Web gizmo which is on a Pay as you go deal. This looked the suitable alternative to paying year round for a land line when we are only in the country for a couple of months.

Needless to say, Broadband still didn't work so we went into TIM shop again, bought the gizmo and asked to cancel the landline. The assistant printed the form off for us and helped fill it in advising us to send it recorded delivery which we did, providing up to date mobile and e mail details for further contact if necessary.

We have just checked the TIM web site and our account to find they have not taken funds from our bank account since Dec last year, this daft as it is a Direct Debit and has been paid without fault for ages before. Funds are always available and no charge on the bank account for a returned DD.

On the TIM web account, there are letters that have been posted to an agents old mailing address advising of the none payment and that further charges will occur for debt recovery.

We are also facing further bills as the account hasn't been closed yet, so forward debits are due through June!

I am posting this as a heads up really so that people check the internet account for detail of communications, but also to see if anyone else has had problems paying TIM via DD?

If so, how amicably did it get resolved?