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« on: February 27, 2015, 04:21:34 PM »
Just subscribed, went to the shop in Pescara, found them very helpful. Within the hour we were walking away with all the kit and had signed up for 12 months. Very easy to set up at home, have just put it up temporarily for now, but getting a decent signal. We've gone for the 10mb package but were getting about 6mb this afternoon when I did the speed test though still a lot better than the dongle we used to have. Something to note is that if you're a non-resident it's half the listed price for the monthly subscription, so the 10mb works out at €13 + iva.

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Re: Micso
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2015, 05:54:25 PM »
After years of a barely useable or completely non-existent "ADSL" connection via Telecom Italia's wires and many exasperating hours on the phone to TeleTu's call-centre, we finally got fed up enough to visit Micso's office. We were very pleased with the results.

The main problem we had was with trees. Although our place is on the top of a hill with 270° of distant views, there are lots of lovely trees around the house. In order to get a good connection to the Micso base-station, there can be nothing whatsoever between your dish and the tower, so we had to spend several hours messing about with a laptop connected to the dish wandering around looking for a strong signal. In the end, we had to do some minor tree pruning in order to get a reasonable connection. And, since the only practical base-station for us to connect to was not the nearest, we ended up buying a larger dish than the one that Micso supplies as standard. The bigger dish cost about €100, but it is a solid, quality piece of kit and the result was a very reliable signal with a measured internet speed significantly higher than what we get from the BT phone line ADSL we currently have in a Welsh village.

When we were satisfied that the Micso system would work well, we paid in advance for a year's connection in cash and got a small discount. Even better, ending the relationship with Micso involved just letting them know we didn't need to renew. From what we've heard about other Italian internet companies, disentangling yourself from their clutches is often expensive and time-consuming. That was definitely our experience with TeleTu.  >:(

Micso won't be the best internet solution for everyone, but I recommend them highly. Not least because sorting out any technical issues can be done by visiting the office in Pescara and speaking face to face with an English-speaking technico. No stupid telephone menu systems followed by dealing with a call-centre drone who is required to work to a trouble-shooting script.   ::)