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Author Topic: Abruzzo keeps tradition alive  (Read 1160 times)

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Abruzzo keeps tradition alive
« on: January 15, 2015, 10:08:38 PM »
And long may it last

The tradition iam refering to is  Le Farchie   held every year  on nthe 17th oif jan by Fara Filioirum petri  as it has done for countless centreys

it is based on the  age old storry  of the advancing french army  coming to capture abruzzo  some bright spark  ( no pun intended ) hit on thre  idia of tying large bunndeles of the  local cane togethether   to make  long cannon type structures and lighting them so the  frenchies thought they were long cannons 

and acording to folk law it worked  . now every year to this day every ncontrader   of fara makes a long bundel of canes  up to 6 metres  oin hiegt  topewd with fire works  and lit in tbhe chuch  sqare  , there can be up to  16  of them all standing upright  like some achent syble of  fredom  and they are lit in turn and judged and the contrader deemed the best winas a prize

but the  main fun had  by all is in the making a whole  proscuter  is  hung up and copeose  wine is supleid and the locals give  up the time to make these farchie  they allso have tents with kichens in and every body  drinks and eats and  is  merryb

Long may it last  , as it tyes every one together 

we shal be going th├Čis year again  as it a spectical not to  be missed

if you want to check it  out  go to thebvweb site of  Fara filiorum  poetri  forb any thing ive mised  or misqouted  A3 A3