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Author Topic: Vodafone international  (Read 372 times)

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Vodafone international
« on: September 26, 2018, 07:06:26 PM »
I had a Vodafone package that gave me unlimited calls in Italy, 30 0minutes to uk landlines and 1 G data for €10 calls €5 data.

A couple of months ago they changed it to unlimited international calls and put the tariff up from €10 to €10.99.  Of course you can only put €10 and €5 credit on the phone, so instead of putting €15 a month for calls and data, I had to,put €20.

Ok, so now they know you’re putting €20 credit on your phone, they’ve, sneakily, put the calls charge up to 12.98 a total of €17.98.

I’m not prepared to pay that because I’ve never yet used the full 300 minutes on the original package!!

Well, I’ve had a shout and at first they said sorry the price has gone up and we did text you. I never read the texts because they send me dozens a month. Basically tough luck!  Until I said ‘ ok tomorrow I’m changing to TIM”. Suddenly they remembered another package, called Vodafone Global. This gives unlimited calls in Italy, 300 minutes international landline calls and 8gb of data. It’s €20 to activate and for the first month then just €10 thereafter.

So to anyone else mucked about by Vodafone, don’t accept it!