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Author Topic: Power tripped check maximum used  (Read 6716 times)

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Power tripped check maximum used
« on: March 25, 2018, 12:37:31 PM »
 A recent event with our electric brought this to my attention. I know others have mentioned before about their supply tripping due to “overload”, so this may be of some use to those that are not aware of it. Most meters here are actually quite good and if you press the button near the display they will show you the current and previous units used. Okay a bit confusing with the 3 different types/rates F1, F2 and F3, more so as it seems F2 & F3 are now combined for billing. Anyway I was advised you can also check on there what the maximum kw value you have used that month. There is a “Pot. Max =” for each of the above types. The reason I mention this is the fact our electric has all of a sudden tripped on the same equipment as has been used for some years now. Coincidental (not) was that ENEL had put up new supply poles due to a new neighbours request. Checking the “Pot Max” the max value we had this month was 2.1kw (we have a 3kw supply). Our power was out for a few hours the other day - ENEL knew already when called – and it has not tripped since (fingers crossed). It would be good if anyone else knows anything about this as I'm sure it would be helpful to know as much as possible and I'm only going off what one person said about this "Pot. Max".  ;D