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« on: October 21, 2016, 10:47:44 AM »
Eurospin have really nice falafels for 1.99 a pack. Also for health concious they sell Kefir which is a form of fermented milk and very good for you if you suffer from digestive problems or have been taking antibiotics.We make ours in the UK but its a faff to bring all the stuff out in our car so finding it in Eurospin was great.

Incedentally before anyone has a go at at me for wanting to eat falafels or tofu sandwiches (found in an autogrill near Genoa) when I have the choice of 'wonderful Italian food' (actually I don't as not eating meat excludes many dishes) while queuing in Eurospin I spotted 2 local Trattoria owners buying industrial quantities of the cheapest cooking oil and factory farmed meat and eggs  :-X Not exactly slow food  ;) ;)
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