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Author Topic: How much are you paying for GPL?  (Read 1047 times)

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How much are you paying for GPL?
« on: March 01, 2016, 03:35:32 PM »
Just had to order more gas .. last time I paid E0.98 / liter.

We're with Autogas .. and I believe that changing is tricky anyway as it involves changing the tank? .. so slightly captive market syndrome.

But interested to see if I'm paying over the odds?


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Re: How much are you paying for GPL?
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2016, 06:36:57 PM »
Sorry I don't know the cost/L , but friends of ours told us last week that they were paying at least 25% less this year than last! I'll try to find out the cost/L and who they use. The OH also thinks they were paying by card before and now cash, so that may have made a big difference!!

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Re: How much are you paying for GPL?
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2016, 09:23:17 PM »
We have just changed supplier and glad we did. We changed for two reasons, firstly to relocate the existing gas tank to a more hidden location and secondly to change to a cheaper supplier.

With Butan Gas we were paying usually around Ä1/litre inc IVA, now we are paying about Ä0.70 inc IVA, so a big difference. However, if you buy gas from our new suppliers between certain months, not sure, but something like April to June, you get a further discount, canít remember how much, but from memory it was a good sconto!

As we wanted to change location of the tank we had to get a digger in and a plumber to lay a new gas pipe. The new supplier advised we could have an underground tank installed at a cost of Ä70 for the excavation work or an above ground one for free.
The changeover of tanks did cause a few problems with the gas supply to the boiler as there seemed to be a lot of air in the new pipe, that kept cutting out the pilot light, but eventually we got it sorted. Havenít got around to telling the old supplier they can move their tank now, so we have that joy to come. The new supplier did give us a letter to hand to the old supplier, which should motivate them into shifting it.