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Author Topic: Car Insurance Coupon  (Read 1198 times)

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Car Insurance Coupon
« on: October 20, 2015, 09:56:32 AM »
It is no longer a requirement to put the little square insurance coupon in your car windscreen.  There is a computerised system now in place for checking you are insured using your registration number.

You can check here that your vehicle is on the database and shown as insured.  Our cars are insured with Clements and they appear to be there.  You should obviously still keep your insurance certificate in the car.

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Re: Car Insurance Coupon
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2015, 11:13:38 AM »
iam glad this has come up  i posted about this awile  ago this will bringevery one into line with  the uk which does the same thing for road tax

Iam also glad that clements world wide has come to light allso
i have been 3 mounths  trying to convert my car to thrird  party only  , and it took this long of contless phone calls both to america and england  to arive at the horendes qoate of three hundred eros    for just thrired party not theft or fire
thats not the end of the sad storry  i have decided to move to a  italian  company  but gues what  clements have put me in risk group ten   

me who has not had a acident in 24 years  , and i brought  12 years no clams to italy  and on the italian computer  base dater  i am group one for risk
But beeings ive been insured  by the yanky company for  5 years with out a claim i add , they the italian company put  me in group 10  so my car is idle on the drive  . as i wont drive with pout insurance 

aas for clements they are the most useless  bunch going i only thank god i dids  not have a claime with them

The american side adres  me on the phone in a verry hard to coprehend lingo  with phases  like WHATS going down with you to day roy
 and hows it going  then do nothing but pass the buck  englands no better  they pas the buck as weĆ²ll blaiming the american side for evry thing 
iam stil fighting and yesterday  i rung the italian insures of clements , who by the way are just agents   for A;I; G  some manager said he woul try and help me  but not to hold  my breath  , this was the milan office by the way  , he said not to hold my  breath as  there are hundreds of english expats in the same sictuation as me  but he will try and sort  out my  no clames  bunus rating 

Brian rix could not  have written a  better  farse   so beware you cliants of clements world  wide  ps iam ubout to ask our on board solicter lawer cristene to sue them for bad practice  A3 :(